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Everyone needs a little help now and then

Employee Assistance Services has been in the business of helping employers and their employees since 1978. Let us show you how we can assist you in providing professional counseling services for employees and their families. 

Emotional Issues

When depression, stress and anxiety take a toll, EAS provides straight answers to important questions and therapeutic intervention when possible.  If necessary, referrals may be made to an outside professional, clinic or treatment center if best suited for the problem.  

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Alcohol & Substance Abuse 

By working through established programs and professional referral, EAS can help with various types of substance abuse.  People with these problems need outside help and support to conquer and move forward past them.

Children& Adolescents

Academic problems, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, etc., can be helped and resolved through professional child play therapy and counseling.  

 Relationship Issues 

Realistic, professional counseling can come to the aid of deteriorating relationships, close generation gaps, spare families emotional grief, and draw them together.  EAS also offers marital and pre-martial counseling.
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