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Established in Birmingham, Alabama in 1978, the EAS Program has been a trusted and confidential diagnostic and referral service dedicated to supporting employees and their families in times of personal need. We understand that personal challenges can sometimes spill over into the workplace, impacting job performance and overall well-being. That’s where we come in.

At EAS, we’re not just about managing problems; we’re about finding solutions. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to helping employees identify and overcome the very real challenges that can affect their job performance. Whether it’s assisting with personal issues or aiding employees in returning to work following illnesses or injuries, EAS is your partner in achieving a thriving, productive workplace.

Together, we can create a healthier, happier, and more productive work environment for everyone.

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What We Do


Our licensed professional providers will conduct an initial intake assessment to determine the client’s needs and goals for therapy. From there a treatment plan will be formulated.


We specialize in providing expert counseling services tailored to meet the client’s unique needs and challenges.

We all have challenges, and sometimes we just need an impartial professional to walk with us through the journey to wellness.

TYPES OF THERAPY: Individual, Couples & Family, Life Coaching.


In some cases, we may determine that the client would benefit from a referral to specialist services. Our professional counselors have a wealth of resources and are able to connect the client with the appropriate specialist or facility to accommodate their particular needs.

Looking for an EAP Program?

You don’t need Fortune 500 status to access EAS Services. We cater to companies of all sizes, from 6 to 5000+ employees, spanning across the Alabama and surrounding states. Our commitment is to collaborate with you in crafting a customized program that aligns perfectly with your company’s unique needs and budgetary constraints.

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Useful information about our programs

EAS provides a discreet diagnostic and referral service designed to support employees and their families facing personal challenges

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to provide professional counseling services to companies’ employees and family members that will not only benefit them but will result in greater efficiency and productivity for your business. Through a proactive approach focused on prevention, early identification, and effective resolution, EAS empowers organizations to enhance employee and workplace effectiveness. We believe that by addressing personal concerns and life challenges, we can significantly improve worker health and productivity while retaining valued employees, not only in the Birmingham area but also across Alabama and the surrounding states.

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Everyone needs a little help now and then

Emotional Issues: When the weight of depression, stress, and anxiety bears down, EAS is your beacon of guidance. We offer clear, compassionate answers to your pressing questions and, whenever possible, provide therapeutic intervention. If the need arises, we’re ready to make thoughtful referrals to trusted professionals, clinics, or treatment centers best suited to address your unique challenges.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse: Overcoming the grip of substance abuse often requires reaching beyond oneself. EAS is here to help. We offer a path to recovery through established programs and expert referrals, recognizing that tackling these issues often demands external support and guidance.


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Improve mental health

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